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Yolo Star partners – MTN Rwanda

Personal Services

What else do you need to know about the redemption of your MTN Yolo Star points?

 Once you have redeemed your MTN Yolo Star points, you can then go to the respective partner and show the notification message to access the respective discount(s). MTN Yolo Star points of one customer cannot be combined with those of other customer nor can they be transferred to a third party. Joining MTN Yolo Star […]

Is MTN Yolo Star membership renewable?

Yes, MTN Yolo Star membership is automatically renewed every 3 months depending on your spend Your MTN Yolo Star category is also renewable every 3 months depending on your spend. A customer’s average monthly spend must remain above Frw 5,000 threshold for three (3) consecutive months within their spend cycle.

What are the benefits of being an MTN Yolo Star member?

 Being an MTN Yolo Star member gives you access to special discounts from our various lifestyle partners, voice and data freebies and other exciting and exclusive offers, discounts on concert tickets, sponsored movies etc.

What does spend mean?

Spend refers to the amount of money spent monthly on voice and data on the MTN Rwanda network.